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Saturday, April 08, 2006

"Yeah, and another thing..."--The Assistant Bitch

Stop choking me you stupid bitch! I don't understand how the cute girl with the cock in her mouth can get through a single scene without whipping this guy's pecker out of her mouth and smacking the petulant dyke-invert next to her in her titty.

I mean, honestly, can't you see the star is trying to choke on a cock here? She doesn't need any football coach irritation from you, smaking her upside the head and grabbing her throat. SHE'S ALREADY SUCKING A COCK! Your encouragement is only ruining my 10 second clip.

In the porn movie, there are often two girls, just so they can play good cop/bad cop and amuse a throbbing cock that has to stay up and work all day. I get that two girls are sexy because two objects are better than one. It's just insulting to the sex itself to have some dumb bitch over there going, yeah, that's right, you suck it. I get that it makes the guy the master, because he gets to have everyone worry about servicing him. But make that bitch shake a pom pom while she is at it, so that she has a full understanding of how superfluous she is. Honestly, she could be doing everyone else a lot more good if she were double-fisting the collard-boy's ass three pages down.

I blatantly watch too much porn.


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