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Friday, March 03, 2006

Fuck Me Addendum

Apparently I need to look at my own blog, and maybe be the 10th person to read my blog. I think that the 5/5 I got comes from Jase, who was nice enough to check out my blog and compliment. And considering he is a guy, I owe him a big fat ball-lick for that. Maybe it was a girl like Greg said, and maybe Jase had given me this ironic compliement in the vast universal mechanism of me needing to learn a lesson about dissing on kind people who are better at blogging than me. Thank God for the millions of eyes in the world. With all of their staring. They keep you in line. Dancing about with one foot in your mouth. (Especially since I haven't even looked at this alleged ranking and don't know who said what or why... It's amazing that the internet, the information superhighway, allows you to act so easily out of such ignorance. Although it is no news that an overabundance of information can encourage unawareness.)


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