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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yes And...

So I hosted Chicks and Giggles at the new Mo' Pitkins last night. It was a fantabulous show. The lineup was stellar: Pat Candaras (the amazing), Margot Leitman (whom I adore), Fiona Walsh (who I met the first time I did Gotham, and I just love her to death), and this woman, Negin Farsad, who is intellectual, insightful, and Iranian (to go with a bit of alliteration before I say she's hilarious), who I am so happy to have met, as well as Adira Amram, whose name I mispronounced while intro and outro-ing her, I think, but who is one of the most amazing performers I have seen in a long time (who is, incidentally, not to incite any riots in the comedy community, a much more interesting musical comedian than Jessica Delfino, who was also supposed to do the show that night, but again, snubbed a show that I was hosting... anyone who knows about this knows about how this happened before when she was headlining a Smut that I was hosting, and how I felt like she "Bronson Pinchot"ed me, and now I have this pseudo arch-nemesis rage, even though I think she's hilarious and a fantastic performer). And Becky Yamamoto came and did a set, cause Jessica bailed and I asked her to come. So really, it was like a dream show. And my new herpes bit went over well, and all was full of love. It felt good to have a good show, especially since I have felt kind of dry at the last couple of Smuts.

I hadn't seen Becky in forever, and I sure hadn't seen her do standup. She has gotten to be AMAZING, I think. Handling herself so well when she is not killing (which is the sign of a great comedian) and killing the rest of the time, just by being relaxed and herself. It's so good to see in your contemporaries... because you are proud of them, and because it is inspiring for you. Then we stuck around to have a glass of wine and talk about sex and how cute the (always) Irish bartender was.

Rachael Parenta showed up, and it was the first time I have ever had a chance to talk with her extensively. She is a really wonderful person. And hilarious. It's so good to know positive, wonderful people who are comedians. Cause comedians get that bum rap because they usually hate everyone, you know? But Becky and I were just talking about how wonderful Carolyn Castiglia is. Just as a person, as a comedian, as a producer. How amazing, how driven, how kind and authentic she is. And then Rachael showed up. And we had a great time with her as well. And Becky bought me 2 happy drunken glasses of wine. And for that, she is the truest of friends.

Rachael was telling us how the one time she hooked up with someone who was uncircumcized, she was giving him a handjob, and in the middle he yelled, "you're doing it wrong!" Which, I suppose means that she wasn't giving him any sensation through his little turtleneck or whatever. I kind of always feel like if you got a good tight grip on it, and not too much friction, you are doing right just by holding the damn thing. But I was like, "NO FUCKING WAY!" There is no "you're doing it wrong!" in sex. You don't yell that. Once two people are naked, there is to be no flinging of insults. There is no "No, BAD!," only "Yes. And..." Like in any good improv game. You have to establish something, and then of course, respect what has been established, and commit to what you are doing and the world that you have created. That is "Yes, and...." If something needs to be changed, it must be adapted based upon what has come before. And if what has come before is a bad hand-job, then you have to say, "Yes, And...." making it the most creatively good handjob ever. People are pricks, and should be so thankful that anyone wants to fuck their homely ass... Seriously.

Incidentally, a beautiful woman named Signey who was at the show, came up to me afterward, and based on my herpes set, recommended a great French gynecologist. A lovely man with a Parisian accent who will stick two fingers into your vagina, have a cultured look and say, "Ah. Perfect!" when he's all done. Sounds like my kinda guy. If he ever complained about a handjob, I am sure it would be the most charming thing ever.


At 12:34 PM, Blogger Carolyn said...

French gyno is the funniest thing EVER! You have got to stop saying amazing things about me - I'm gonna cry and ruin my keyboard!

At 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shit. i don't even know j.delfino, but after reading this post i wanted a blog brawl! rubble. tumble. shit.



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