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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Holy Caramel-Crapping Ice-Cream Cone, Batman!

Yeah, you'd think after being silent for about a month or so that I would have something to blog about. But I don't. I just need to touch base with Brian--the only person who reads my blog. And Vida, who needs something to do while her dogs grunt on the floor. I thank God for the two of you. It makes me feel like someone wants to listen to a damn thing I have to say.

So let's see, what the hell have I been up to lately. First off, there is the show, "Sit-Down" the new solo Frankenstein that I have written, that actually did a lot better than I could have expected for less than a month of working on something. For one, the show is closing tomorrow, and I have definitely created something kickass. It is a work that I feel actually does say something... combines my efforts as a stand-up, a writer, a thinker, poet, performer, believer, etc. It is a real challenge do to... do get any kind of precision in something so free-form... to stare down an inquisitive and judging audience night after night.... insane...


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