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Saturday, October 01, 2005


For whatever reason, I keep trippin'.
I don't know why.
Why I be trippin?

For whatever reason I am in an astrological or spiritual cycle these past couple of weeks. I keep tripping on stuff. Like a pothole in the middle of the street, or not quite lifting my foot up high enough to make the next stair. After my show at Gotham on Thursday, I was walking back inside from talking to my friends to get my purse, and I fully ate it on the spill mat at the door. Took a spill on the mat if you will.

There is about an inch where the marble of the floor is raised from that of the entry, so I tripped on the inch, and began my high-powered careen into the bridge & tunnel youth that I had just entertained. I was doing that thing where you're running to try to get your balance back on the up and up, but it's not running, so you are just increasing the velocity with which you are eventually going to hit something. Rather than hit the soft, plushy bodies of the kids from Jersey, I decided to take a fall, and crashed into the ground before injuring anyone. Two 20somethings had to help me to my feet, and this is after I encouraged them to use a lower center of gravity because the upper body yanks were not nearly enough to get me to my feet. And then as I brushed myself off, they went... "you were really funny."

All part of the show folks.

And then I met the headliner, who I had not seen (aside from stage time, I spent the rest of the show downstairs in the comedian coral), Andrew Kennedy-who was standing there with this other comedian I had met (named Steve, who incidentally, was very kind to me and talked to me after my show, as a 14 year comedy veteran, about how good my stuff was and how I could improve... I asked him to come and do Smut sometime when I am hosting... but I think I might not be hearing from him, after the fall... oh well, he was kind of cute, and we all know that thing is never good in a fellow comedian--don't date comedians, we are all FUCKED). Apparently he is going to be getting a show on Comedy Central or something. If he ever needs a big black lady to come crashing through the set like the Kool Aid man, I hope he will think of me.

Well, 'tis the season for a little humility. I keep thinking of that Antony & the Johnsons song "Rapture" recently:

"Oh my mama
She's been falling
Falling down for quite some time
And oh my papa
He's been falling
Falling down for quite some time
Oh my friends
I've watched them falling
Falling softly to the ground
Like the leaves
The Leaves are falling
Down in silence to the ground
Is this the rapture?
Is this the rapture?"


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